Maria Ondina Silva Luís Boaventura was born in 1945 in Mafra, Portugal. Passionate about the art of creative sewingclothing, dressmaking and modeling absorb your sensibility and are part of your life. She loved dressing her dolls and making creations for out. Grows to design free sewing and perfects the technique in making children’s clothing.     

Early falls in love with Carlos Manuel Boaventura who became her love in his life and the father of his two sons, Maria Clara Boaventura and Silvino Boaventura.    

 Born in Mafra, Ondina Boaventura early deprives herself with Lisbon’s fashion, where she was inspired by every trip she made to Lisbon, the fabrics and elegant clothes of the season. 

With a taste for sewing, she opened her first store in 1970 where she gives primacy to quality in the collections that she represented. Diverse and rooted by  renowned brands, the collections bet on modernity combined with quality excellence. The motto was set: Create Story. 

The 70’s are over, bringing with it the need to adapt to market demands.

With the mission of advancing a family art, Maria Clara Boaventura brings her own creative impulses to the business by reflecting and absorbing all of Mother’s wisdom. 

With internationally renowned brands increasingly present in the Family business, Clara Boaventura Cardoso, from Vila Portuguesa with her eyes on the world, keeps an eye on the markets of children’s clothing trends.Attracting customers from around the world whose looking for brands thats combine excellence with quality that results expectation it meant to be exemplary, Today there is a team of over 40 years working in a unique business started in the 70’s with a familiar vision where to dress well is synonymous of quality. 


This creates a must-have address for lovers of the World Wide Web: www.osgarotos.com.  



Timeless styles that can wear season after season.